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 Transform what you have into what you want!

Renovations can be a major transformation of your home, or a simple refresh in one room. Leave it to the professionals so you can simply love your home again! Doing a renovation to your home can make your home more functional and increase its value. Larger renovations can take a significant amount of time and resources, as well as cause a notable disruption to your daily life. With that in mind, Falcon Building Solutions will develop a plan to help you stay on budget, maximize efficiency, and minimize disruption.

Renovations vary in size and scope, lasting for a few days or a few months. They can be cosmetic or structural. Understanding the implications of changing something in the house means you will be better prepared and there are less unknowns that will come up during the project.

Things to consider and understand when renovating

  • Renovating rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms will have disruptions in plumbing and electrical.

  • Replacing flooring  typically require removal and/or replacement of baseboards .

  • Multiple trades may come and go from the site throughout the day.

  • Are there pets in the home that will struggle with such activities? 

  • Renovations may require unanticipated parts of the home to be brought up to current building codes.

  • Are there materials in the home that have asbestos?

  • The workspace can be dirty for the duration of the project.

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