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Handyman Services

For when you don't have time to be handy!

Regular maintenance of a house can be a daunting task. Preparing your home to be sold may require knowledge of construction for some repairs. Falcon Building Solutions can help you with the little things so you can live your life without these worries.

If you are unsure what needs maintenance or just not sure how to do it, we can help. We can also teach you what to do, when and most importantly why.


Contact us to discuss the work you would like to have done. 

If you are unable to describe the work in detail, we may need to visit the site to determine the scope of work.

At this point we will book an appointment time to address your concerns.


The cost for a service call will vary depending on the scope of work. 

A single item to be serviced will typically have a quoted price. While a list of items, is given an estimate with the final price being determined on completion based on materials and labor. 

 Some items we can help you with 

  • adjusting or replacing doors that bind

  • drywall repairs

  • checking attic for concerns

  • replacing hardware (door handles, towel bars)

  • sump pit/ pump cleaning or replacement

  • squeaking floors

  • furnace filter change

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